The SoulCove Center for the Arts has a functioning ART GALLERY.  Showcasing the work of local artists, all the art on display throughout the center is for sale. You will find information about our current and past displays on this page.

Crystal Energy Images by Jean Davis (on display in the office and cafe):

These colorful images are of Reiki energized sunlit crystals. They each share a moment of White Light expressing its healing color rays.   The photos are a blending of crystalline, light and color energies. The first interactions occurred during a Reiki class.
Each Inner Light expression is as individual as the viewer's response. We invite you to enjoy them in a way that is as unique as you are. 

-Archival quality photo print mounted on a 3/4 inch raised surface with black banding around the edges.
-Ready to be wall hung w/o a frame or perfect for easel display. 
-Protective coating for easy dust & fingerprint removal. 

Mounted Prints:
-May be framed without glass.
-Protective coating for easy dust & fingerprint removal.  
-Archival quality mounted photo print on mat board or foam surface.

Please visit Jean’s website for more information about this wonderful artist:
You can also connect with her on 

Amy Kenton.jpg

About Amy Kenton

Ms. Kenton grew up on Long Island and has long enjoyed capturing the grand seascapes of the island in watercolor. She studied art and history at Cornell University. In the summers, she taught sculpture at Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts.  Ms. Lenton lived in Arizona in her mid-twenties, following in the path of a mother (an artist and teacher) and father (a doctor) on an Apache Reservation in the 1950s. In Arizona, she wrote and painted, and worked as the art director of Native American gallery. She returned to New York and commenced an award-winning teaching career in social studies and English. Ms. Kenton won Congress’ James Madison fellowship, which awards a Masters in American Studies to one social studies teacher per state for excellence. She applied it a Columbia, where she received a Masters in American Studies in 2000, combining study of art history, literature, and history. Ms. Kenton have three masters and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy at Hofstra University. She is currently the director of a charter school dedicated to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, which places a premium on students’ creative potential. She has a home in Hampton Bays, where she returns each summer to the sparkle of the East End’s seascapes, of which she aspires to capture glimpses that inspire.

Colin Gray was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts and grew up in Fort Wayne Indiana, where he studied pottery at the University of Saint Francis. He moved to central Vermont in the fall of 2012 and started Corvid Pottery in January 2013.

The goal of Corvid Pottery is to make functional ceramics with an artistic flair so that they look at home in the picnic basket, on the dinner table or in a gallery. All of our pieces are crafted by hand and individually decorated by hand using a combination of traditional techniques.
Corvid Pottery is named for the family of birds that grace our pots. Corvids are celebrated for their intelligence, their community, their playfulness and their humor. The Common Raven is the emblem of Corvid Pottery.