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Larry Young majored in Music and graduated from Dartmouth College where he studied violin with Andrew Jennings. He began learning the Alexander Technique over 25 years ago, when he started to experience excessive tension from playing the violin that made it seem impossible to reach his musical goals. He studied the Technique in Philadelphia with Bruce and Martha Fertman, where he was fortunate to work with the late Marjorie Barstow, one of F.M. Alexander’s first generation teachers. Following studies with Tommy Thompson in Cambridge, Mass., he trained and received his teaching certification at the Boston Institute for Alexander Technique in 1992.

Because of the Technique he was able to unlearn the physical and mental patterns that were keeping him from fully enjoying playing and he has been making music professionally ever since.

He has continued his studies with two of the most respected senior teachers in the country, Corinna Trabucco and Charlotte Coe Lemann.  He has a patient, yet lively teaching style and a strong desire to share the joy and knowledge he has gained over the last quarter century.

Mr. Young believes that our bodies and minds are part of our instrument and that when we play, we move! The quality of our movement creates the quality of our sound. By using F.M. Alexander’s principles, we can learn about how we move and how we can improve. By improving the way we use ourselves in activity, we can not only avoid pain and physical damage, we can also unlock an inner freedom that opens up our performances in a way that can truly move our listeners!